Frequently asked questions

How do I join the club?

Simply email the club at njsquashclub@gmail.com. The club will create a guest account for you and email you a link. Complete your account setup with the link, including resetting a password and providing a credit card on file, and you are ready to play! If you want to become a member and get a fob key for 24/7 club access, email the club your membership selection and fob request. The club will notify you when your fob is ready for pick up. View membership options and prices. Our memberships are month to month and calendar month based. You can cancel your membership anytime with a two-week notice and cancellation will be effective the following month. Please note that an initiation fee will apply if you want to reinstate your membership after cancellation.

How do I book a court?

Members can book courts online 24/7. Simply log into your online account at njsc.clubautomation.com and reserve courts. While members have unlimited playing depending on membership types (peak vs. off-peak, etc), to help with court management and ensure fair playing for everyone, please respect and follow these rules when booking a court:

  1. Please list all players on a reservation. Only registered players are allowed on the court. A guest must creat a guest account at the club before playing.
  2. Each player is allowed to book two sessions (45 min each) at a time. Once a session passes you can book another one.
  3. The member booking a reservation is responsible for payng for guests.
Nonmembers will not be able to rent or reserve courts.

How do I book clinics or camps?

Please send in a clinic package registration request using this form or email the club at njsquashclub@gmail.com for drop-ins. Please see our calendar for our current clinic or camp schedule.

Can I make up a missed clinic?

Missed clinics can be made up with another clinic of the same level or lower, conditional upon available space in that clinic. However, unused credits cannot be carried over to the next season.

How do I know which coach will be teaching my clinic?

One of our professional coaches will be assigned to each level of our clinics. While we strive to maintain a consistent schedule, there may be times when this is not possible. Our top priority is player development and we assure you that all of our coaches are dedicated to helping our members take their game to the next level.

Which coach should I use for private lessons?

Player development is top priority at NJ Squash. To that end, our coaches work as a team to advance every player's skill level. All of our coaches teach solid squash fundamentals, but they might have different teaching styles. We advise players to try different coaches at the club to find the coach that best fits the player. Many of our players work simultaneusly with several coaches at the club on different aspects of their games. Our coaches want what's best for our players, so feel free to work with any coach at the club. If you need advice on long-term player development or other coaching advice, please feel free to seek out our director of squash Lefika. He would be more than happy to talk to you.

Can my membership payments be refunded if I cancel?

No, membership payments cannot be refunded.

Can non-members take lessons and participate in clinics?

Yes, with a $10 guest fee.

Can I play without booking a court in advance?

The simple answer is No. The club must know who is playing on the courts at all time. Players who play without reservations or without listing all players will receive a warning the 1st time, be charged a $20 fee the 2nd time, and get his/her membership terminated the 3rd time.




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